When you visit Potomac Dental Care, our dentist, Dr. Humam Alathari, and team want to make sure that every treatment you receive is as effective as possible. That often means taking an extremely close look at teeth or areas of your mouth that are being treated or are concerning to Dr. Alathari.

Our office features micro cameras in Woodbridge, Virginia. These cameras not only give our dentist a high resolution, full-color view of all areas of your smile, but they also allow him the ability to view those areas very closely. It can allow our dentist to detect cracks in your teeth that can allow infection to occur and require a root canal. It can also ensure that your root canal therapy is effective by allowing Dr. Alathari to examine the pulp chamber of your tooth. A micro camera can help our dentist examine a filling or a crown to see if it needs to be repaired or replaced and can be a valuable tool in dental implant placement and other types of oral surgery. And of course, our dentist may decide to utilize it if he locates an area of concern during your routine exam.

Our micro camera is just one way we leverage technology to improve the health of your smile. For more information and to schedule your appointment, call 703-490-4666 and speak with a member of our team.